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Welcome to the AYLEE Green Leaders Kit!


Welcome to the Alberta Youth Leaders for Environmental Education (AYLEE) Green Leaders Kit! This kit has been created by youth for youth across Alberta so that they can work toward a more sustainable future by making real change. Explore our suggestions for planning a climate related event, having climate conversations, and how you can make a meaningful difference by taking action. 

This kit is designed to be versatile and applicable in a variety of climate driven endeavours, so everyone is included. That's why we've curated resources to help us structure this toolkit into four of the most important parts of a climate movement: Learning & Getting Involved, Hosting an Event, Having Climate Conversations, and Taking Action.

If you have any questions or suggestions, have a chat with us by clicking the blue button in the bottom right, or by clicking the "Contact Us" tab. Either way, a representative from AYLEE will connect with you.

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