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Social Media

Sharing your work on social media or other platforms of your choice, can be at first confusing and unfamiliar, but the following steps can lead you through how to share your work and be a part of sharing knowledge, experiences, and inspiring others.

Step 1

Get familiar with the platform you are working on: whether it is commonly used social media platforms, or less used video platforms, getting familiar with the platform will help you feel confident. Spend as much time as you need working with the platform of your choice. Find ways you could...

  • Share pictures of an event

    • share a promotional video of the work you have done

    • share a flyer or event details

    • such as including:

    • time, date, and place

  • Title of event

  • How to sign up?

  • Information about the event

  • Pictures and graphics, or colors to engage interest

  • And anything else important to the audience

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