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Organizations to Get Involved In

There are many amazing environmentally-focused organizations within Alberta, across Canada, and internationally for youth to get involved in. Below you'll find a few that we know of along with their website's information.

Have an organization to add to the list? Contact us to share information!

Alberta-wide Organizations

Alberta Youth Leaders for Environmental Education

AYLEE, the Alberta Youth Leaders for Environmental Education, is an organization that focuses on providing Alberta youth with adequate environmental education for a changing world. Membership is open to middle school and high school students throughout Alberta. Actions range from writing reports, suggesting policies, presenting to politicians, hosting events, and taking climate action in schools. Website:

Canadian Rockies Youth Network

The Canadian Rockies Youth Network is a joint venture between the Biosphere Insitute and the Canadian Rockies Youth Summit. This network will provide educational programming to help engage more students in conservation, support youth action projects, and most importantly provide a coalition of youth voices when it comes to decision making in the Canadian Rockies. 


Youth CAN: the Climate Advocacy Network

“Youth can” be climate leaders, engage with politicians, promote municipal climate action, and collaborate and find synergies through this network.  Join us to discuss strategies for climate and political youth engagement.


Alberta Environmental Network

The Alberta Environmental Network (AEN) connects Albertans and environmental groups that are dedicated to preserving and protecting Alberta’s environment. As a non-profit and non-partisan organization, the AEN supports collaboration of the environmental community throughout the province.



Canada-wide Organizations with Individual Branches in Alberta

Climate Strike Canada

Climate strike Canada is a Canada wide organization whose goal is to organize students and young people in order to bring around real societal change around climate and the environment. Their activism tends to focus on protests, political action, and awareness. 


Fridays for Future Canada

Fridays For Future (FFF) is an international youth-led movement, with most major cities having their own chapters. Following Greta Thunberg’s protests, FFF branches have grown all around Alberta with the purpose of bringing attention and action to environmental issues both local and international. Actions focus on school strikes, protests, political action, and various smaller-scale projects. Website:

Youth Climate Lab

Youth Climate Lab is a nonprofit organization dedicated to partnering and working with a variety of climate groups around the world to build real-world solutions to current problems. Website:


International Organizations 

Ages 7-13

Junior Environmentalists and Conservationists

JEACS, the Junior Environmentalists and Conservationists are a passionate group of youth dedicated to taking environmental and conservation efforts, whose goal is to save the planet from destruction. This group was founded by the author Amelia Lionheart who writes about bringing awareness, and taking action though wildlife conservation and protection.


Earth Rangers

Earth Rangers, children with the support of families and friends can download an app on an electronic device that permits access, to take direct actions to protect wildlife. Becoming a member is a great opportunity for youth to feel optimistic, take action, and make a difference.


Ages 13+ 

Conservation Kids

Conservation Kids, a youth group interested in photography, teamwork, and conservation efforts. Specifically, it is a group of young adults aged 13-18, taking action with the support of an adult, in cohorts of 7-16 youth members. This is an example of taking climate action through photography.


Climate Reality

Climate Reality is an international climate movement funded by former Vice President Al Gore, where you can attend a yearly Climate Reality Leadership Corps training and become a Climate Reality Leader dedicated to taking climate action in your local community, as well as an opportunity to network, build experiences, and a place to start taking climate action. 


Climate Science

Climate Science, is an international climate group dedicated to bringing climate science across the world. Leadership, and coordinator positions are open to youth in high school, and is a great opportunity to get involved if you are someone interested in the science of climate change as well as interested in climate action; it brings these two themes together with the numerous ways you can take action with others across the world or in your region. 


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