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Take Climate Action

In this section, explore ideas for taking climate action as a young person. We'll explain how to get the word out about an event, how to advocate to people who are in government, and a step by step guide to developing youth led

climate action projects.


If you have any questions about the materials or have resources you think would make good additions to this section,

contact us!

AYLEE Advocacy Guide

Advocacy is the organized process of influencing those who make policies. Advocacy can involve the creation, modification, implementation and enforcement of policies. Use our step-by-step guide to advocacy to develop and carry-out an effective advocacy plan!

Climate Action Planning

Before diving into a climate action project, you'll need a plan. Figuring out your area of focus, goals, timeline, and more can help you to initiate an effective climate action project. Use our climate action planning worksheet to create your plan!

Once your plan is in place, check out the funding resources we've gathered to help get your project off the ground.

One of your greatest roles as a green leader will be helping promote environmental literacy in your community! Check out our guide to educating those around you about topics such as climate change, sustainability and stewardship.

Art - including visual art, poetry, music, film, and theatre - can be used to cultivate awareness and inspire change. Click below to check out artistic activism resources and some art inspiration.

Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 12_edited.png

AYLEE Dialogue Guide

The Dialogue Guide was designed by AYLEE members, then known as ACLYN, in 2017 to help students, teachers and school division leadership to:

  • Engage in conversations and work together to create connections between student learning and school infrastructure. 

  • Gather information to better understand the opportunities and challenges for taking the next steps toward climate leadership in Alberta schools.

  • Use this information to further develop plans and strategies to help schools take the next steps toward climate leadership and climate literacy

Infiltration Manual: Pushing for Ambitious Climate Action at the Municipal Level

In Canada, municipalities account for over 50% of the national greenhouse gas emissions. The Infiltration Manual provides youth with practical knowledge and tools on how to take climate action at the local level. It covers a range of topics, including:

■ An overview of the        ■ A roadmap on how to     structure of municipal      gather community

   government                       support

■ Tips on how to              ■ A variety of email,

    present an initiative        meeting, and petition

    to Council                        templates

Sharing your work on social media can be at first confusing and unfamiliar, but our tips can lead you through how to share your work and be a part of sharing knowledge, experiences, and inspiring others.

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